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I love it and I love Miss Paulette!
The OCNS is a great place for preschool aged children to have fun, socialize, and prepare for kindergarten. We are glad we enrolled our daughter, and will definitely send our younger children. As a parent, I was happy to be involved in the first school experience and be a part of the co-operative. Miss Paulette is great with the children, and I know my daughter would happily play with her seven days a week! 

My daughter spent 2 years at the OCNS with Miss Paulette. She flourished both socially and academically while she was there.  I was amazed by the new things that she would come home with every week – new stories and songs, arts & crafts and science activities.  She would often have us sit on the carpet in our family room as she pretended to be the teacher and we had our own circle time:) The school was constantly abuzz.  The atmosphere was cheerful and filled with happy learning.  My daughter loved the routine of going to school and all the friends she made from the community. Duty days were really special – both my daughter and I loved them.  She was so proud to bring me with her (I really enjoyed this as I know it won’t always be the case) and I had the opportunity to watch her interact with her classmates and to see first hand the school program.  I felt connected to her school and more involved in her learning then I have since she began public school. We truly feel like we hit the jackpot! I can’t imagine a better way to begin my children’s schooling experience.  My daughter is always telling her sister how much fun she will have with Miss Paulette at the OCNS. Jillian


Please watch this video showing the fun times at The OCNS

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